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5 Tips to Take Your Company on the Internet

Many businesses and companies still do not employ Online Marketing strategies, much less have a website or blog. This is because Online Marketing can be understandably difficult to wrap one’s head around. If not confusing, the idea of getting charged for simply clicking on something in a search engine results list can seem scary.

Here are 5 tips for a successful online marketing campaign that gives you the assurance and understanding of the whole process:

1) Create a website with your own domain name

Whether it is a four page website or a website with 100 pages, it is important for a company to have it’s own identity in cyberspace. Your free blog’s spaces will get inserted with banner advertisements that you will not gain from. Also, you get to call the shots on its lay-outs and features. Luckily, some blog sites offer platforms and tools for creating your own unique site with your own name at minimal costs.

2) When designing your website, put yourself in your target market’s shoes

If you’re a car dealership company, what would your customers be like? What demographic would they be from? How would they read and search for specs?  Would they like to read about car news articles or tips? These kinds of information will help your create a website interface that is easy and best suited for your readers.

3) Optimize your site with keywords

Search engine optimization involves inserting keywords into your web pages’ page title, meta and source codes so that search engines can easily access and yield your website as a significant result. Apart from inserting keywords, optimizing your pages can help people know (and like) what your website is all about when you type in a short but effective description of your company and it’s web page in your meta description.

4) Promote your website

Of the many aspects of taking your company to the Internet, promoting one’s website may seem the most daunting of all. This is because it requires constant work and updating.

For those who have the resources, buying key advertising placements in search engines will really help. There are also social media networks, micro-blogs and forums that are free and that allow you to post links to your site while getting customer feedback for free or minimum costs. A press release in your homepage will also help online news magazines cite your company.

5) Track your website and webpage’s progress

Some blog sites and web hosts offer tools help you find out which of your pages are popular and which of them need more work. Search engines with which you have paid accounts for will also provide extensive reports with details like which keywords people have used to more to look for your website or from which countries you have gotten more Internet traffic or readership. Social media sites on the other hand, will help you check what age group your site attracts, for example. These details will help your further specify or if not widen your company’s customers and clients.

These five basic tips can assure your company of a safe and prosperous online business identity. Expect more sales, better customer relations and a stronger brand recall while staying secure on the Internet. Follow these five basic tips and taking your company to greater heights will be easy as 1-2-3.

About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


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