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Web Design Trends in Businesses

Business websites are mostly created for advertisement or promotion purposes. How?  Having an attractive website can easily coerce most of your web visitors to becoming active clients and thus establish long term-term profitable customer relationships.

Creating Attractive Web Designs for Business Promotion

In order to always have the attention of your visitors and to coerce them to stay or browse through your entire website, your web should be:

  1. 1.     Minimalism

Although most business uses web designs with lots of colors, use of fewer colors in web designs is of great importance to the business. I.e. less colors each with meaningful message behind it.

  1. 2.     Responsive Mobile Design

Most people are always busy and may lack adequate time to access information over computers. The growth of technology has however provided easier and cheaper means to access internet information by use of smartphones. Thus, business should come up with mobile-friendly website or applications targeting specifically this group. The websites should have the ability to respond or adjust automatically, according to each device.

  1. 3.     Flat designs

Flat websites with pattern are more usually attractive and clean.

  1. 4.     Simplicity

Let the information be interesting, clean, easy to read and navigate, as people have less time to browse.

  1. 5.     Unique and Adaptive Photography

For any business to outstand in the competitive market environment, it must be unique in in all its activities. Some important tips in designing unique photography for your website:

  • Check competitors’ images-this will enable you to come up with unique photography to represent your services or products.
  • Images with low resolution will make your website dull and look less professional to your visitors. This may affect the overall design negatively.
  • Use imaginative images-they are best especially in reinforcing product brand.

Thus, when choosing photography for your website, you ought to take maximum care, time and research, to design a piece which is informative, unique and attractive at the sometime.

  1. 6.     Use of Video

Videos can be used effectively in conveying information about business products and services instead of text messages.

  1. 7.     Clear Calls-to-Action

Business websites are mainly for promotion, by converting visitors to actual buyers. If this has to happen, your visitors must clearly see and understand your pages.

Call-to-action button should be large enough for all visitors to see it and get the message at glance.

The Call-to-action button color should be bright. It should be positioned on the top each page.

Finally, the words should be short but convey of the value of the action to the user.


About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


Importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Program for Businesses

CRM program is business software for managing all business activities with the current and future customers. This simple program has ability to automatically organize and synchronize customer services, sales, marketing and also offer technical support. It is one of the most convenient approaches of creating and maintaining effective customer relationship in the competitive market. Once a linkage is built with each customer, a business can easily identify the immediate needs of customers and address them timely and appropriately. CRM software has following merits in business:

  • Customer Management

CRM program has been applied successfully in managing all clients of an organization. The tool collects all relevant data to get more visibility into your customers’ base and formulate the tactics necessary for successful long-term profitability. For instance, if the program reveals that, 90% of your clients are in Agricultural sector, you may hire salespersons with agricultural experience or train all your staff to acquire essential knowledge in the sector.

  • Profitability Tracking

CRM software greatly reduces paper work and makes the work of accountants easier. Accountants no longer need to focus on collecting, organizing and analyzing business information. The system offers more convenient bookkeeping and gives accurate financial reports. This enables managers to make right decisions based on the information and reports formulated.

  • Sales Strategy

No business will want to incur losses as a result of targeting the wrong customers. CRM software can formulate valuable information about long-term sales trends. Analysis of this information will help management in adjusting the existing sales strategy. For example, one year analysis of sales may show that a certain market target is declining will another is inclining rapidly. Based on this data, you may decide to target the rapidly inclining market for you products or services and ignore the other.

  • Customer  Improvement

For any business to grow rapidly and have successful customer relationship, it must supply what customers need in right quantity, price and at the desired time and place.  Customer Relationship Management Programs can provide this vital information to managers. This ensures business growth while maintaining or attracting even more new clients.

  • Regulatory Compliance

All businesses are operated under tight federal laws, state regulations and industrial standards which they must comply with. CRM program can be feed with instructions perform all regulatory checks.

  • Reduced Costs

CRM program is very cost-effective application. It handles large amounts data, reduces paper work in offices and most important reduces the number of staff and resources in running the organization. This greatly minimizes cost.


Tips on Selling your Product Online

You definitely must have bought a product online be it an eBook, pair of shoes, pizza or heard from your friend and you were much convinced it is a sure thing and a convenient way to do shopping. But did you ask yourself if you can also sell your great products to this Open Online Market? Okay, there is a way you can do this; upload you product to the online market (a website), fill out PayPal account details and hopefully your product will be the greatest thing in the online market.

You know that fortune will not come overnight as you sleep, you have to work sleepless nights towards it. This means that you must make the right decision to see your product a success and fully shown its potential in the Market. Below are detailed tips on how to make your product success in the eCommerce.

  • Designing a High Quality Website

Design a simple web page equipped with a well categorised navigations to enable your visitor a have guided shopping way through to your home page without hesitation.

  • Select the best keywords for your site

Pick the right keyword phrase which will lead traffic to your webpage. A keyword is a phrase or word that the user Google to search for a certain product or services online. Example of keywords is; best shoes, spacious house, brand new cars etc.

  • Build Trust and Confidence To Your Customer

Don’t let your customers get ripped of when they visit your web page. So ensure you review your product price time to time, keep customers details (phone number, email address) safe and also ensure that the customer is able to interact directly with you to share ideas and experience or to give suggestions.

  • Use Original Image For Your products

Give the customer an opportunity to see the real product image in different angles until they are satisfied that they will have the product of their choice. Every one wants to see whatever they are purchasing, so it’s advisable to have an optional enlarged image for large scale viewing to eliminate doubts.


The above tips when well incorporated in a well-designed webpage will helps the visitor (customer) visit the page and leave fully impressed by the products and services you offer. Definitely you will be amazed to see how the traffic generated will lead to double or triple purchases of your products. Happy selling!

About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


Reasons to Register Your .XXX Domain Name

In March 2011, ICANN finally approved the creation of the .xxx domain extension for usage. After several years of debate and ongoing controversy, the domain name is now in the pre-reserve stage, and it is administered and managed by ICM Registry. The idea behind the .xxx domain name is that it will be easier for parental control software to filter out adult material simply by blocking access to a single top level domain. As many people know, adult material freely pervades the search engine results even for keywords that are generally innocuous. Anything that reduces the possibility of children coming in contact with such material is beneficial.

Although your company many not be related to the adult industry in any way, it is still important for your to register your .xxx domain name. The primary reason for this is brand integrity. One of the ways adult webmasters drive traffic to their websites is by incorporating the name of a well known brand into their website. If the brand’s actual name is available on the .xxx extension, you can be certain someone will register it and use it to host material you may not want to be associated with. If your brand name is protected by a trademark, you do have legal recourse to have the site taken down. If you don’t, then your best option is to register the name before someone else does and redirect it to your main website.

Most web savvy people will understand that an .xxx domain name being used by an adult webmaster is not associated with you. However, not everyone who uses the internet is web savvy. Brand confusion can easily develop especially if the .xxx websites show up in the search results for your brand name. This can result in a public relations nightmare that can damage your brand and cost you thousands of dollars to repair. It is better to spend the money upfront registering the .xxx extension and avoid the headache down the road.

Typically, when new extension hit the market they are sold on a first come first served basis. Therefore, you should not wait until after the extension goes live before registering. Lock your domain name in the pre-registration phase. If someone has already registered your domain name with the .xxx extension, then you will have to wait until the .xxx domain name goes live before you can take legal action.

About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


Open Source CMS – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

There are some important reasons why someone might decide on one open source CMS instead of another. Many designers, developers, and administrators have their favorite content management system, which most likely includes one of the three most popular types of CMS. These are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The advantages and drawbacks of each will be explored here so you can make a better decision about which one is ideal for you.

WordPress is an open source CMS that has been around since 2003. People use it to get their thoughts out on the web quickly and easily. In fact, it’s so easy to use, that even the least computer savvy people can quickly get the hang of using it. Once you get started using this open source content management system, there are no modifications required. For bloggers or people sharing thoughts in a chronological order, WordPress is ideal. However, this CMS is not developer-friendly and the upgrades that are continually released occasionally bring more bugs than fixes. The quick setup and ease-of-use should be weighed with these disadvantages.

The catchy name Joomla means “all together” in Swahili (Urdu), and based on how powerful and all-inclusive this open source CMS is, it certainly lives up to its name. When compared to WordPress, Joomla may not be as user-friendly, but all types of clients—designers, developers, and administrators—can get behind this content management system. It’s also not as powerful as Drupal, but if you need help creating your website using Joomla, there is a great customer service community that you can utilize. Over the past three years, this CMS has been improving and expanding, meaning it certainly has a great future in store.

Drupal provides everything a developer could ever want and then some, with more tags and functions than either WordPress or Joomla. For people who live in code, getting lost in the development of beautiful, highly-functional websites is a dream that can come true with this content management system. However, as a designer, using Drupal may more difficult because of all the code requirements to make it really amazing. The themes, until recently, were a huge drawback because developers rather than designers were building them. Finally, because of the power behind this open source CMS, it may cost more to run a Drupal website than one based on WordPress or Joomla. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but this breakdown should make your selection easier.


Domain Name Registration – .tel Domain Name

A domain name is required of anyone who wants to become involved in the internet world. All sites you visit online have two parts to them. The first half is a descriptive name that describes the site and the second half is .com, .org, .info, .gov, or a number of other suffixes. .tel domain names are appropriate for individual professionals, large and small business owners, government agencies, universities, and NGOs. The service allows all kinds of people to have their storage and management needs met because things like keywords and contact information can be stored directly in the Domain Name System (DNS) without the need to put together, host, or manage a traditional web service. Here are the benefits of a .tel domain name that will make getting one worth it to you.

The first reason why you should own a .tel domain name is because all your methods of communication can be stored under one name. .tel is designed to connect you with your customers in a single click. It also simplifies your regular website because you can integrate information from it into your .tel “Contact Us” page. Instant mobile presence is beneficial as well, since mobile marketing is more profound than ever before.

Then, it can also increase your search engine rankings without spending extra on SEO efforts. domain name lets you cross-link with other service websites and social networks, thus spreading authoritative information about your company through a method that you directly control. It’s easy to promote your .tel so people visit and revisit your site. By publishing active and useful content, search engines will consider your .tel a relevant source on the web.

Another reason this kind of domain is useful is because it allows you to join the world’s first and only real-time global directory. You own and control your company’s contact information and have the ability to update it any time you wish. Other online directories are fragmented or expensive to be listed on. .tel offers worldwide exposure in multiple languages at a fraction of the cost.

All of these benefits culminate in the fact that .tel is quick to learn, easy to use, and much more affordable than other options available to you today. Combining your standard website with a .tel domain name will clearly benefit your business or other organization and allow you to have that global presence you have been after.


Food and Technology

Was in KL few days ago, my usual monthly trip to our KL office. Time flies, our KL branch is already 7 yrs old. I have been observing KL’s progress since my early trips till now, things hasn’t changed much though.

Day one in KL, feelin very hungry after a long journey from the airport to office, can’t wait to go to this very unique place for lunch. You must be thinking of some sort of high end restaurant in a 5-star hotel. On the contrary, this is a small eatery nested in an old zinc house somewhere off Jalan Ipoh at a place that resembles the kampong (village) we used to have in Singapore back in the 1980s.

My colleagues and I called it “Xiao mei mei’s stall” because the pretty granddaughter of the operator, who is barely 10 years old, will be helping out taking orders in her school uniform. This place has its old world charm, you will only see makeshift tables and chairs and some stone tables and stools, it is surrounded by lush greenery forming the natural shades from the hot afternoon sun.

Pretty nice huh?

We always like to sit under the trees next to the pond listening to the Chinese oldies of the 1980s coming from the two old speakers under the zinc roof shed.

Small pond full of fishes big enuff to be eaten.. hahaha

This time round, that xiao mei mei wasn’t there, her mother took the order instead. We ordered our usual favorites, KL Hokkien mee, pan mian (mee hoon kueh), ko rou mi feng (Mee hoon fried with stew pork ribs), and dumpling soup.

KL Hokkien mee.. looks yummy, doesn't it?

These dishes are really our all time favorite as they are very home-cooked style food! She asked if we would like to try their Sushi, to which we all blurted out “huh down here got Sushi ah???”.

Not bad unagi sushi from this eatery

She said “ya, we even have facebook! .. And we recently setup a website also”. My colleague replied jokingly “do we get a discount if we “Like” your facebook?”. Lol.

This comes as no surprise, any business or ALL businesses need at least a website to have an Internet presence and use it as your 24 hours salesman to bring in sales. Having a website with no traffic is also useless, you must leverage on the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to bring in the traffic.

That’s still not good enough, one also need to make use of the latest social media marketing, like facebook and twitter to entice your customers to drop in and spend money. This may sound simple though but not many companies are embarking on this yet, surprisingly. They dunno what they have missed out on!


Though the “Xiao mei mei’s stall” is in an old zinc house doing small business but they are embracing the powerful Internet technology and keeping up with the trend.

An old-school eatery

I am sure their business will prosper as more and more people will get to know about them thru this virtual channel.


Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Setting up your company website won’t automatically mean instant traffic flow. There are millions of websites and probably thousands that sell something similar to your site. Your goal is to stand out from all other competition by utilizing SEO services. SEO stands for search engine optimization and can be accomplished in various ways like social media marketing. Here is what working with an SEO company can do for your business.

Improve your search engine placement. An SEO expert knows how to get you from page 10 or higher on Google to page 1 or 2. This is so important because search engines—Google in particular—serve as the number one way in which websites are found and visited. An SEO consultant can pull out all the stops to ensure the content on your web page is working as an effective search engine marketing method.

Boost your website’s popularity. Apart from being accessible to your target audience, SEO services also aim to spread information about your website in a positive way across the web. This can be accomplished when an SEO expert advises you to write quality articles, newsletters, and other write-ups, and then assists you in the actual writing process. By circulating positive information about your company, you are sure to get more targeted traffic to your site.

Increase your business’s revenue. The reason why an SEO company will focus so hard on getting more traffic to your website is so you can improve your bottom line. Hiring an SEO consultant to help you master all the necessary techniques is an investment, but one that will certainly pay off if you follow the advice of the SEO expert you choose to work with. They are called “experts” for a reason, and their goal is help your website be more productive and earn you a greater income. This could be directly with sales earned on the site or indirectly by passing along information about your website and getting customers to walk through your door.

The bottom line is that SEO services are here to supply you with useful tips for getting more traffic to your site and converting those visitors into paying customers. Hiring a reputable SEO company will be an affordable and effective way to boost your online presence and make your website begin to work for you. Trying to achieve great SEO on your own can be far more time consuming and fruitless than it’s worth, so save time and energy with an SEO consultant by your side.


Easy-to-guess passwords

Just received a SMS from friend complaining about having to clear over 500k of spam mails in one of his mail servers. He has cleared only 10% of the spam mails in the mail server queue after 7 hours! OMG! Apparently spammer had guessed the username and password of a user who has used a password that is the same as his username of his email account. i.e., password = username

Why do so many people continue to use easy-to-guess passwords, despite so many warnings about the risks? Are they being just pure lazy or they are totally ignorant about security? This people can’t be bothered with their own security at all. If you think this is not important, think again, this irresponsible behavior will cause much inconvenience to your own self and others!

What will happen when a mail server is being exploited to send mass volume of spams?

1. The mail server will be overwhelmed with mail sending request, as a result slows down its performance tremendously and may even stall.

2. The outgoing mail server will be filled with huge number of spam mails queuing to be sent out, as a result causes delayed delivery of legitimate emails of the other users in the same server thereby causing inconvenience to all users.

3. With this huge volume of spam mails going out from the same email server, commercial spam filters from messagelabs and barracuda networks, etc and filters from Gmail, hotmail, etc are likely to blacklist the mail server’s IP address. This will cause emails sending through these mail servers to be blocked thereby causing inconvenience again. It may take quite a while to be delisted from these spam filters.

One of the simplest ways by professional spammers to gain access to your information is through the use of a Brute Force Attack. This is accomplished when a spammer uses a specially written piece of heavy duty software that cycles through a bunch of common usernames and passwords, hoping to hit a match that works. If he gets one that works, he effectively has an open relay. Thereafter, he will blast huge volume of spam mails through the email server using this email account.

The most commonly exploited accounts are guest/guest, admin/admin, test/test, demo/demo, sales/sales123, admin/admin123, administrator/administrator123, guest/guest1234, test/test1234, demo/demo123 and webmaster/webmaster1234, although any account with a weak or missing password is vulnerable.

A strong password is therefore vital. A good strong password must have a mix of characters, symbol and numbers, should be randomly-generated to avoid guesses based on your name or domain, but should also be reasonably memorable since you are likely to need the password to access your Webmail from remote locations.

I sincerely hope all email account users will be responsible enough to set a strong password to their email account thereby eliminating the unnecessary work and stress given to the technical support engineer and reducing the inconvenience caused to other users.