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Reasons to Register Your .XXX Domain Name

In March 2011, ICANN finally approved the creation of the .xxx domain extension for usage. After several years of debate and ongoing controversy, the domain name is now in the pre-reserve stage, and it is administered and managed by ICM Registry. The idea behind the .xxx domain name is that it will be easier for parental control software to filter out adult material simply by blocking access to a single top level domain. As many people know, adult material freely pervades the search engine results even for keywords that are generally innocuous. Anything that reduces the possibility of children coming in contact with such material is beneficial.

Although your company many not be related to the adult industry in any way, it is still important for your to register your .xxx domain name. The primary reason for this is brand integrity. One of the ways adult webmasters drive traffic to their websites is by incorporating the name of a well known brand into their website. If the brand’s actual name is available on the .xxx extension, you can be certain someone will register it and use it to host material you may not want to be associated with. If your brand name is protected by a trademark, you do have legal recourse to have the site taken down. If you don’t, then your best option is to register the name before someone else does and redirect it to your main website.

Most web savvy people will understand that an .xxx domain name being used by an adult webmaster is not associated with you. However, not everyone who uses the internet is web savvy. Brand confusion can easily develop especially if the .xxx websites show up in the search results for your brand name. This can result in a public relations nightmare that can damage your brand and cost you thousands of dollars to repair. It is better to spend the money upfront registering the .xxx extension and avoid the headache down the road.

Typically, when new extension hit the market they are sold on a first come first served basis. Therefore, you should not wait until after the extension goes live before registering. Lock your domain name in the pre-registration phase. If someone has already registered your domain name with the .xxx extension, then you will have to wait until the .xxx domain name goes live before you can take legal action.

About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


Domain Name Registration – .tel Domain Name

A domain name is required of anyone who wants to become involved in the internet world. All sites you visit online have two parts to them. The first half is a descriptive name that describes the site and the second half is .com, .org, .info, .gov, or a number of other suffixes. .tel domain names are appropriate for individual professionals, large and small business owners, government agencies, universities, and NGOs. The service allows all kinds of people to have their storage and management needs met because things like keywords and contact information can be stored directly in the Domain Name System (DNS) without the need to put together, host, or manage a traditional web service. Here are the benefits of a .tel domain name that will make getting one worth it to you.

The first reason why you should own a .tel domain name is because all your methods of communication can be stored under one name. .tel is designed to connect you with your customers in a single click. It also simplifies your regular website because you can integrate information from it into your .tel “Contact Us” page. Instant mobile presence is beneficial as well, since mobile marketing is more profound than ever before.

Then, it can also increase your search engine rankings without spending extra on SEO efforts. domain name lets you cross-link with other service websites and social networks, thus spreading authoritative information about your company through a method that you directly control. It’s easy to promote your .tel so people visit and revisit your site. By publishing active and useful content, search engines will consider your .tel a relevant source on the web.

Another reason this kind of domain is useful is because it allows you to join the world’s first and only real-time global directory. You own and control your company’s contact information and have the ability to update it any time you wish. Other online directories are fragmented or expensive to be listed on. .tel offers worldwide exposure in multiple languages at a fraction of the cost.

All of these benefits culminate in the fact that .tel is quick to learn, easy to use, and much more affordable than other options available to you today. Combining your standard website with a .tel domain name will clearly benefit your business or other organization and allow you to have that global presence you have been after.