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Posts categorized “Internet Industry Article”.

Easy-to-guess passwords

Just received a SMS from friend complaining about having to clear over 500k of spam mails in one of his mail servers. He has cleared only 10% of the spam mails in the mail server queue after 7 hours! OMG! Apparently spammer had guessed the username and password of a user who has used a password that is the same as his username of his email account. i.e., password = username

Why do so many people continue to use easy-to-guess passwords, despite so many warnings about the risks? Are they being just pure lazy or they are totally ignorant about security? This people can’t be bothered with their own security at all. If you think this is not important, think again, this irresponsible behavior will cause much inconvenience to your own self and others!

What will happen when a mail server is being exploited to send mass volume of spams?

1. The mail server will be overwhelmed with mail sending request, as a result slows down its performance tremendously and may even stall.

2. The outgoing mail server will be filled with huge number of spam mails queuing to be sent out, as a result causes delayed delivery of legitimate emails of the other users in the same server thereby causing inconvenience to all users.

3. With this huge volume of spam mails going out from the same email server, commercial spam filters from messagelabs and barracuda networks, etc and filters from Gmail, hotmail, etc are likely to blacklist the mail server’s IP address. This will cause emails sending through these mail servers to be blocked thereby causing inconvenience again. It may take quite a while to be delisted from these spam filters.

One of the simplest ways by professional spammers to gain access to your information is through the use of a Brute Force Attack. This is accomplished when a spammer uses a specially written piece of heavy duty software that cycles through a bunch of common usernames and passwords, hoping to hit a match that works. If he gets one that works, he effectively has an open relay. Thereafter, he will blast huge volume of spam mails through the email server using this email account.

The most commonly exploited accounts are guest/guest, admin/admin, test/test, demo/demo, sales/sales123, admin/admin123, administrator/administrator123, guest/guest1234, test/test1234, demo/demo123 and webmaster/webmaster1234, although any account with a weak or missing password is vulnerable.

A strong password is therefore vital. A good strong password must have a mix of characters, symbol and numbers, should be randomly-generated to avoid guesses based on your name or domain, but should also be reasonably memorable since you are likely to need the password to access your Webmail from remote locations.

I sincerely hope all email account users will be responsible enough to set a strong password to their email account thereby eliminating the unnecessary work and stress given to the technical support engineer and reducing the inconvenience caused to other users.


Bing on Yahoo Search Results Begins

In the latest development from Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing Search Alliance, the search transition will happen beginning this week on Yahoo’s organic search results while the paid search transition testing has already begun.

With this latest development from Yahoo and Microsoft merger, website owners should also start paying more attention to this two big search engines in terms of planning and executing their search strategies.

“You’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for this change, so be sure to check out these tips and stay tuned to the Yahoo! Search blog for confirmation of when the organic search transition is complete.” says Yahoo! on their Search Marketing Blog.

Getting visible on Bing does not only provide presence on Yahoo! search engine. Bing also powers the search of Facebook and is also seen as another search option on Apple iPhones. Optimize your website for Bing now! Visit Yahoo! Search Blog post, New Search Alliance Transition Update and Tips.

To read the full news article, visit Yahoo! Search Blog news post, Important Updates on Search Transitions.


The New Google Chrome is Now Available

WebProNews has an interesting article about the launching of the new stable and faster versions of Chrome web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Other than speed improvement, the new stable version has added these features:

-    Ability to sync browser preferences (bookmarks, themes, homepage and startup settings, web content settings, preferred languages, and page zoom settings) across multiple computers
-    new HTML5 capabilities (Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop)
-    new Bookmark manager

Check out this video on testing the speed of the latest Google Chrome.

For a taste of HTML5’s powerful features, try browsing through websites developed in HTML5 such as, dragging and dropping attachments in Gmail, or by enabling the geolocation functionality in Google Maps,” says Chrome product manager Brian Rakowski.

Visit “Why use Google Chrome?” page on Google to learn more about Google Chrome.

Continue reading the details of the WebProNews article, “The New Chrome is Now Available for Windows, Mac, Linux”.


5 Tips to Take Your Company on the Internet

Many businesses and companies still do not employ Online Marketing strategies, much less have a website or blog. This is because Online Marketing can be understandably difficult to wrap one’s head around. If not confusing, the idea of getting charged for simply clicking on something in a search engine results list can seem scary.

Here are 5 tips for a successful online marketing campaign that gives you the assurance and understanding of the whole process:

1) Create a website with your own domain name

Whether it is a four page website or a website with 100 pages, it is important for a company to have it’s own identity in cyberspace. Your free blog’s spaces will get inserted with banner advertisements that you will not gain from. Also, you get to call the shots on its lay-outs and features. Luckily, some blog sites offer platforms and tools for creating your own unique site with your own name at minimal costs.

2) When designing your website, put yourself in your target market’s shoes

If you’re a car dealership company, what would your customers be like? What demographic would they be from? How would they read and search for specs?  Would they like to read about car news articles or tips? These kinds of information will help your create a website interface that is easy and best suited for your readers.

3) Optimize your site with keywords

Search engine optimization involves inserting keywords into your web pages’ page title, meta and source codes so that search engines can easily access and yield your website as a significant result. Apart from inserting keywords, optimizing your pages can help people know (and like) what your website is all about when you type in a short but effective description of your company and it’s web page in your meta description.
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