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Food and Technology

Was in KL few days ago, my usual monthly trip to our KL office. Time flies, our KL branch is already 7 yrs old. I have been observing KL’s progress since my early trips till now, things hasn’t changed much though.

Day one in KL, feelin very hungry after a long journey from the airport to office, can’t wait to go to this very unique place for lunch. You must be thinking of some sort of high end restaurant in a 5-star hotel. On the contrary, this is a small eatery nested in an old zinc house somewhere off Jalan Ipoh at a place that resembles the kampong (village) we used to have in Singapore back in the 1980s.

My colleagues and I called it “Xiao mei mei’s stall” because the pretty granddaughter of the operator, who is barely 10 years old, will be helping out taking orders in her school uniform. This place has its old world charm, you will only see makeshift tables and chairs and some stone tables and stools, it is surrounded by lush greenery forming the natural shades from the hot afternoon sun.

Pretty nice huh?

We always like to sit under the trees next to the pond listening to the Chinese oldies of the 1980s coming from the two old speakers under the zinc roof shed.

Small pond full of fishes big enuff to be eaten.. hahaha

This time round, that xiao mei mei wasn’t there, her mother took the order instead. We ordered our usual favorites, KL Hokkien mee, pan mian (mee hoon kueh), ko rou mi feng (Mee hoon fried with stew pork ribs), and dumpling soup.

KL Hokkien mee.. looks yummy, doesn't it?

These dishes are really our all time favorite as they are very home-cooked style food! She asked if we would like to try their Sushi, to which we all blurted out “huh down here got Sushi ah???”.

Not bad unagi sushi from this eatery

She said “ya, we even have facebook! .. And we recently setup a website also”. My colleague replied jokingly “do we get a discount if we “Like” your facebook?”. Lol.

This comes as no surprise, any business or ALL businesses need at least a website to have an Internet presence and use it as your 24 hours salesman to bring in sales. Having a website with no traffic is also useless, you must leverage on the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to bring in the traffic.

That’s still not good enough, one also need to make use of the latest social media marketing, like facebook and twitter to entice your customers to drop in and spend money. This may sound simple though but not many companies are embarking on this yet, surprisingly. They dunno what they have missed out on!


Though the “Xiao mei mei’s stall” is in an old zinc house doing small business but they are embracing the powerful Internet technology and keeping up with the trend.

An old-school eatery

I am sure their business will prosper as more and more people will get to know about them thru this virtual channel.