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Web Design Trends in Businesses

Business websites are mostly created for advertisement or promotion purposes. How?  Having an attractive website can easily coerce most of your web visitors to becoming active clients and thus establish long term-term profitable customer relationships.

Creating Attractive Web Designs for Business Promotion

In order to always have the attention of your visitors and to coerce them to stay or browse through your entire website, your web should be:

  1. 1.     Minimalism

Although most business uses web designs with lots of colors, use of fewer colors in web designs is of great importance to the business. I.e. less colors each with meaningful message behind it.

  1. 2.     Responsive Mobile Design

Most people are always busy and may lack adequate time to access information over computers. The growth of technology has however provided easier and cheaper means to access internet information by use of smartphones. Thus, business should come up with mobile-friendly website or applications targeting specifically this group. The websites should have the ability to respond or adjust automatically, according to each device.

  1. 3.     Flat designs

Flat websites with pattern are more usually attractive and clean.

  1. 4.     Simplicity

Let the information be interesting, clean, easy to read and navigate, as people have less time to browse.

  1. 5.     Unique and Adaptive Photography

For any business to outstand in the competitive market environment, it must be unique in in all its activities. Some important tips in designing unique photography for your website:

  • Check competitors’ images-this will enable you to come up with unique photography to represent your services or products.
  • Images with low resolution will make your website dull and look less professional to your visitors. This may affect the overall design negatively.
  • Use imaginative images-they are best especially in reinforcing product brand.

Thus, when choosing photography for your website, you ought to take maximum care, time and research, to design a piece which is informative, unique and attractive at the sometime.

  1. 6.     Use of Video

Videos can be used effectively in conveying information about business products and services instead of text messages.

  1. 7.     Clear Calls-to-Action

Business websites are mainly for promotion, by converting visitors to actual buyers. If this has to happen, your visitors must clearly see and understand your pages.

Call-to-action button should be large enough for all visitors to see it and get the message at glance.

The Call-to-action button color should be bright. It should be positioned on the top each page.

Finally, the words should be short but convey of the value of the action to the user.


About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


Tips on Selling your Product Online

You definitely must have bought a product online be it an eBook, pair of shoes, pizza or heard from your friend and you were much convinced it is a sure thing and a convenient way to do shopping. But did you ask yourself if you can also sell your great products to this Open Online Market? Okay, there is a way you can do this; upload you product to the online market (a website), fill out PayPal account details and hopefully your product will be the greatest thing in the online market.

You know that fortune will not come overnight as you sleep, you have to work sleepless nights towards it. This means that you must make the right decision to see your product a success and fully shown its potential in the Market. Below are detailed tips on how to make your product success in the eCommerce.

  • Designing a High Quality Website

Design a simple web page equipped with a well categorised navigations to enable your visitor a have guided shopping way through to your home page without hesitation.

  • Select the best keywords for your site

Pick the right keyword phrase which will lead traffic to your webpage. A keyword is a phrase or word that the user Google to search for a certain product or services online. Example of keywords is; best shoes, spacious house, brand new cars etc.

  • Build Trust and Confidence To Your Customer

Don’t let your customers get ripped of when they visit your web page. So ensure you review your product price time to time, keep customers details (phone number, email address) safe and also ensure that the customer is able to interact directly with you to share ideas and experience or to give suggestions.

  • Use Original Image For Your products

Give the customer an opportunity to see the real product image in different angles until they are satisfied that they will have the product of their choice. Every one wants to see whatever they are purchasing, so it’s advisable to have an optional enlarged image for large scale viewing to eliminate doubts.


The above tips when well incorporated in a well-designed webpage will helps the visitor (customer) visit the page and leave fully impressed by the products and services you offer. Definitely you will be amazed to see how the traffic generated will lead to double or triple purchases of your products. Happy selling!

About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


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