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Web Design Trends in Businesses

Business websites are mostly created for advertisement or promotion purposes. How?  Having an attractive website can easily coerce most of your web visitors to becoming active clients and thus establish long term-term profitable customer relationships.

Creating Attractive Web Designs for Business Promotion

In order to always have the attention of your visitors and to coerce them to stay or browse through your entire website, your web should be:

  1. 1.     Minimalism

Although most business uses web designs with lots of colors, use of fewer colors in web designs is of great importance to the business. I.e. less colors each with meaningful message behind it.

  1. 2.     Responsive Mobile Design

Most people are always busy and may lack adequate time to access information over computers. The growth of technology has however provided easier and cheaper means to access internet information by use of smartphones. Thus, business should come up with mobile-friendly website or applications targeting specifically this group. The websites should have the ability to respond or adjust automatically, according to each device.

  1. 3.     Flat designs

Flat websites with pattern are more usually attractive and clean.

  1. 4.     Simplicity

Let the information be interesting, clean, easy to read and navigate, as people have less time to browse.

  1. 5.     Unique and Adaptive Photography

For any business to outstand in the competitive market environment, it must be unique in in all its activities. Some important tips in designing unique photography for your website:

  • Check competitors’ images-this will enable you to come up with unique photography to represent your services or products.
  • Images with low resolution will make your website dull and look less professional to your visitors. This may affect the overall design negatively.
  • Use imaginative images-they are best especially in reinforcing product brand.

Thus, when choosing photography for your website, you ought to take maximum care, time and research, to design a piece which is informative, unique and attractive at the sometime.

  1. 6.     Use of Video

Videos can be used effectively in conveying information about business products and services instead of text messages.

  1. 7.     Clear Calls-to-Action

Business websites are mainly for promotion, by converting visitors to actual buyers. If this has to happen, your visitors must clearly see and understand your pages.

Call-to-action button should be large enough for all visitors to see it and get the message at glance.

The Call-to-action button color should be bright. It should be positioned on the top each page.

Finally, the words should be short but convey of the value of the action to the user.


About the Author
Ong Pang Seng is a professional E-Business consultant at Exxelnet Solutions Pte Ltd, leading SEO Company in Singapore. Expert E-Business services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing.


Open Source CMS – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

There are some important reasons why someone might decide on one open source CMS instead of another. Many designers, developers, and administrators have their favorite content management system, which most likely includes one of the three most popular types of CMS. These are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The advantages and drawbacks of each will be explored here so you can make a better decision about which one is ideal for you.

WordPress is an open source CMS that has been around since 2003. People use it to get their thoughts out on the web quickly and easily. In fact, it’s so easy to use, that even the least computer savvy people can quickly get the hang of using it. Once you get started using this open source content management system, there are no modifications required. For bloggers or people sharing thoughts in a chronological order, WordPress is ideal. However, this CMS is not developer-friendly and the upgrades that are continually released occasionally bring more bugs than fixes. The quick setup and ease-of-use should be weighed with these disadvantages.

The catchy name Joomla means “all together” in Swahili (Urdu), and based on how powerful and all-inclusive this open source CMS is, it certainly lives up to its name. When compared to WordPress, Joomla may not be as user-friendly, but all types of clients—designers, developers, and administrators—can get behind this content management system. It’s also not as powerful as Drupal, but if you need help creating your website using Joomla, there is a great customer service community that you can utilize. Over the past three years, this CMS has been improving and expanding, meaning it certainly has a great future in store.

Drupal provides everything a developer could ever want and then some, with more tags and functions than either WordPress or Joomla. For people who live in code, getting lost in the development of beautiful, highly-functional websites is a dream that can come true with this content management system. However, as a designer, using Drupal may more difficult because of all the code requirements to make it really amazing. The themes, until recently, were a huge drawback because developers rather than designers were building them. Finally, because of the power behind this open source CMS, it may cost more to run a Drupal website than one based on WordPress or Joomla. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but this breakdown should make your selection easier.


5 Tips to Take Your Company on the Internet

Many businesses and companies still do not employ Online Marketing strategies, much less have a website or blog. This is because Online Marketing can be understandably difficult to wrap one’s head around. If not confusing, the idea of getting charged for simply clicking on something in a search engine results list can seem scary.

Here are 5 tips for a successful online marketing campaign that gives you the assurance and understanding of the whole process:

1) Create a website with your own domain name

Whether it is a four page website or a website with 100 pages, it is important for a company to have it’s own identity in cyberspace. Your free blog’s spaces will get inserted with banner advertisements that you will not gain from. Also, you get to call the shots on its lay-outs and features. Luckily, some blog sites offer platforms and tools for creating your own unique site with your own name at minimal costs.

2) When designing your website, put yourself in your target market’s shoes

If you’re a car dealership company, what would your customers be like? What demographic would they be from? How would they read and search for specs?  Would they like to read about car news articles or tips? These kinds of information will help your create a website interface that is easy and best suited for your readers.

3) Optimize your site with keywords

Search engine optimization involves inserting keywords into your web pages’ page title, meta and source codes so that search engines can easily access and yield your website as a significant result. Apart from inserting keywords, optimizing your pages can help people know (and like) what your website is all about when you type in a short but effective description of your company and it’s web page in your meta description.
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