Screen Shots Tutorial to setup session properties in FTP software

The essential information to key in are:
Profile Name : Name of your choice
Host Name/Address : or the IP address if your domain has not been activated
Host Type : Automatic detect
User ID : As assigned by RapidCloud
Password : As assigned by RapidCloud

Click Apply to confirm settings. Click OK to enter session. If you have more than one domain, you may click New create another session

Once in the session, the left half of your screen represents your Local System and the right half, the Remote Site ie server.

On the Local System, search the directory/files where your web pages are kept.

On the Remote Site, double click on domain name directory to enter into the next layer. You will see 4 directories. Please upload all web pages and contents into www directory. Do not create anything outside these 4 main directories. All other directories should be created within these 4.

To upload or download the files, shade the appropriate files and click Right or Left arrow accordingly.