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Many search engines and directories use META Tags to index your Web site. You can greatly increase the odds that search engines will put your site near the top of your category by using the right META Tags in your HTML code.

1. Title:
Every page of your site (especially the ones you register in search engines) should have a proper title. At a minimum, this should include your company or product name and a description. Keep this title content length to 69 characters. This information may be displayed in a search engine. Title tag content will also appear when your site is bookmarked or placed in a favorites folder.

2. Keywords:
These should match the words that someone would enter in a search to find your site. Include the following: your company name, products, your product category, the plural of those words, and possible misspellings or acronyms. Think of possible keywords people will use when searching for your site. Please DO NOT repeat the keywords more than 2 times.

3. Description:
This is the description that will show with your listing in a search engine. The description should make you want to visit the site or solve a problem for the visitor.

Exxelnet Solutions has made it extremely easy for you to create META Tags for your Web site. Fill in the form below, and we will show you what HTML source code to use.

Your Name

This will appear as title in search results and in the bookmark section in your visitors browsers. Add your company name and a short description. (max. 79 characters)

Key Words

Separate the key words with commas. Do not repeat the same word more than two times.


Be very descriptive. Some search engines use the content of this tag to describe your site on the results pages. (about 200 characters)

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