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Established in 1999, we are fully committed to provide unsurpassed quality service at competitive prices. We are proud to say that our main strengths lie in unrivalled customer service, fast response time, customer-oriented pricing and value-added services. Our effort in providing quality customer service has earned us numerous repeat customers and referrals.
Aasperon (S) Manpower Pte Ltd
AJS Manpower Consultants
ALPS Laboratories
American International Assurance (various agencies)
ARIA Consulting Pte Ltd
Automobile Association of Singapore
Bonvests Holdings Ltd
Burger King
Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation
Calfarme Singapore Pte Ltd
Cambridge Learning System
CCM Networks Pte Ltd
Celviano Music
Ceylon Sports Club
Challenger Properties Pte Ltd
CommerceNet Singapore Ltd
Complete Automation Technology Pte Ltd
Deans Property Pte Ltd
ExtraPure International
Freme Travel Services Pte Ltd (Brunei)
GarbarinoPumps Asia Pte Ltd
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd (various agencies)
HELP Family Service Centre
Hind Development Pte Ltd
Huntsmen (S) Pte Ltd
ICS International Corporation (various agencies)
Jazz Interior Pte Ltd
Katong Satay Supply
Krafz Worldwide Trading
Leo Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Merten Asia Pte Ltd
Minolta Singapore Pte Ltd
Newton Learning Centre
Nihon Kohden Singapore Pte Ltd
Orange Julius
Pacific Flight Services Pte Ltd
Phoenixnet Singapore Pte Ltd
Roof Real Estate Group Pte Ltd
Sakamoto Educational Systems Pte Ltd
SAPF (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Screenbox Pte Ltd
Singapore Sports Council
Singapore Tennis Centre
Syarikat Takaful Singapura (Agencies) Pte Ltd
Televone Global Pte Ltd
The IT Mart
The Pet Hotel Pte Ltd
Thank you for your dedicated assistance throughout the 24/7 Challenge project. Your team has been remarkably professional and proficient throughout, even l during the many instances where we have had to push the boundaries and resolve multiple issues (sometimes simultaneously).

Thank you Ellen in particular for being patient and attentive to our requirements.

Alvin Tan, Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations (Feb 2014)
Thanks Jowen, really appreciate all the prompt reply and tight support you and your team has been giving to Omega.

Joan Tan, Omega Performance (October 2013)
Hi Feaon Tan

I received all the e-mail now. Thanks your assistance by acting fast.

David Kow, Woodgraf Engineering (June 2013)

Compliments to your staff Cornelius , who spent one good one hour in solving my email woes .. he was very patient throughout .. Thanks

POONAM SHARMA, Shiners Facilities Pte Ltd (January 2013)

Dear Jowen,

Thank you very much. We glad to working with you guys. Have a nice day :)

Sophie, Manhood Massage Singapore (October, 2012)

Hi Corneluis,

As always, I can always count on you when in urgent need of help. Thank you so much for your fast response.

Have a good week.

Michael L. Manaog, Mui Kee Press & Media 5 Pte Ltd (November, 2010)

Dear Cornelius,

Thank you once again. I am glad to have worked with you on this small project and everything went smoothly without any problems.

Likewise, have a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

Michael L. Manaog, Mui Kee Press & Media 5 Pte Ltd (October, 2010)

I had tested.
It is working the way I need.

Thanks for the prompt assistance.
You have been very helpful.

Jonathan Goh, Advanze (Pte.) Ltd. (August, 2010)

I just wanted to write in a commendation on Corn and your support team.

It is excellent. Very efficient, very fast and very patient.

I know it's not easy pleasing all customers, and they are doing a great job. Pls let them know that their positive attitude is recognized, especially Cornelius.

Rajesh, seekthycrib.com (July, 2010)

Mr Con has displayed considerable knowledge on the IT issues. With his patience & clear communications interacting with the clients, I 'm sure your company will be prosperous in the years ahead.

Cheers !

Chris Wong, MaHaLo DSW Distribute (S) Pte Ltd. (April, 2010)

Mr. Cornelius has been assisting me in my technical problems for the past one week. I must say that this person is quite impressive in the following areas:

1. Extreme knowledge of IT and related subject matter
2. Ability to think out of the box while resolving issues
3. Excellent communication skills
4. He showed genuine interest in solving my problem
5. Timely call backs
6. And most of all…I am shocked at this man’s patience with layman customer like me.

Very very impressive!! Thanks Corn.
Shahrukh Moghal, Telemarketing Services (August, 2009)

Dear Cornelius,
...I am very satisfied with the excellent customer service you guys provide....

Mike, BEADS WORKSHOP (July 2009)

Hi PS,
Noted and thanks for the high efficiency!!

Simon Luah, IT Consultant, Portique LLP (July 2009)

Thanks for the most fast action
Felix Chew Project Manager, Allmaster Enterprise (January 2009)

Thank you so much for such efficient amendments. You are most helpful. The website is great.
Michael Tay, Megatr8 Inc Pte Ltd (January 2009)
Hi there! Thanks so much for your fast response. We did a major cleanup of our email and we are back on line. Thanks again for your help. This is why we will continue to do business with you guys!
David Withers, Thunder Cranes Group (January 2009)

Thank you thank you :) pei she to feel free to contact you now. I mean for the time being.
Will definitely continue to support and even pass the contact to others for EXXELNET good services. If you need testimony, pls do not hesitate to call me. Will write about the excellent services.

David, Effects Design (December 2008)
Dear Yao Hua
May I complement you on your  excellent replies. Many people cannot write as clearly and as professionally.  It takes time and effort to write well.  For someone like me who is very dependent on you, the support team, I am really pleased with your attention  and assurances.

Kris, The DesignSuite (November 2008)
Magaret: Thank you for the keen respond! I like the efficiency you have there! Appreciate that! Cheers∑.
Macrolink (November 2008)

You have a very good staff in Feng Hui who is capable, well versed in webs' software and very understanding and friendly. Her answers to my queries on using the software etc are prompt and without hesitation. She knows what I want to ask. This type of staff is hard to come by.

Surprise why I commented on Feng Hui, cause I hope your company know that she is contributing by providing good services to your customers.

OCH, BV Florist & Gifts (September 2008)

Thanks for an excellent service. I appreciate all your help.
Mirza, Mindset AA Consulting (May 2008)

Thank you for your prompt and friendly help.
Kian, Swift Silicone Pte Ltd (April 2008)

again, I"m very impressed with your promptness.
Aubrey, Autism Partnership (January 2008)

The flash is beyond any words that can describe. What more can I say but WELL DONE!!!
Isa Mohamad Saini, ISS-CDCS Catering Pte Ltd (September 2007)

Thanks for all the help to set up my account. I must commend you on the patience you showed in walking me through all the bits and pieces!
Nandita Nalawala, Prime Talent Pte Ltd (August 2007)

You are all the best and professional...^^
Kitty, Achieve Global (August 2007)

Thank you very very much for the quick response. I really appreciate the excellent service from Exxelnet. :)

Keep up the great work!

Arvind, Paprika (July 2007)
Thanks Kelly! I like the service you provided! Its great =p
Rina Chia, SCVISIONS (June 2007)

Thank you and your team for helping this get done with speed and professionalism. I look forward to similar experiences.
Satvinder, Bluegill Communications Pte Ltd (May 2007)
I am very satisfied with your services and working attitudes
Raymond Wat, ToysFactory Singapore (May 2007)

Thanks for your help n Happy Labour's Day!!
May Lim, Select Catering Services Ltd (April 2007)
Many thanks Exxelnet for your kind support!
Franz W. Lye, Delta-Global (May 2007)

I am hosting with Exxelnet and their support is good …
Bijjala Radhakrishna , Total eBiz Solutions Pte. Ltd. (April 2007)

Thank you for your quick respond. I am very impressed and happy with the quality services you and your organisation have provided for years. Well done, keep it.
Dave Lau , Roof Real Estate Group Pte Ltd (January 2007)

Thanks a trillion for your prompt response! (as usual, the unparalled high standards from Exxelnet)
Julian, Julian W. Photography - www.julianw.com (July 2006)

From day one that we started our hosting service with Exxelnet, I have been constantly impressed by your staff's speed, accuracy and reliability in addressing our technical issues and problems. All the staff of Exxelnet that I have dealt with so far, knows their job and shows initiative in getting the customer's problem solved in a timely and accurate manner. Keep up the good work, and do not slack in your service level when Exxelnet grows bigger. I have had many frustrating moments dealing with staff working at a large (very large) Singapore hosting company (you know who you are! You can learn a thing or two from smaller hosting companies).
Jason Soon, Industrial Power Technology Pte Ltd (March 2006)
Finding good people in Singapore is not always easy and I was very impressed with your professionalism and your ability to get things done in a timely manner.
Steve Chan, Decision Makers Pte Ltd (Jan 2006)
Thanks a lot! You have been an excellent help.
Felix Chew, Allmaster Enterprise (October 2005)

You're a life saver!
Claire Seet, Studio912 (October 2005)

Thanks a million. You guys are the best!
Freddie Mascrenhas, Society for the Study of the Aging Male (July 2005)

Thanks for the great work you've all been doing so far. Absolutely great!
Kaytiie Koh, q-bixblue.com Concepts & Designs (July 2005)

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, that is the beauty of Singapore, efficiency!!!
Justin Aitken, Corduroy & Finch Pte Ltd (July 2005)

Thank you very much for the prompt and generous support you have given us.
Mark Hsu, YMCA (May 2005)

Thanks once again for the excellent service! I'm impressed! Your support is almost immediate (remembering today is Sunday)! Deeply appreciated.
Julian W, Julian W Photography (April 2005)

We really appreciate your support and we are very much satisfied with the kind of support given to us.
Managing Director, eGrocy.com (April 2005)

...I am most impressed by your attention. I shall certainly recommend your company to friends of mine. It is the type of service that sells.
Gerard Ee, potential customer (Dec 2004)

.... By the way, love the efficient way you guys worked. Replies are prompt. My last experience with another hosting provider really was a nightmare. Keep it up!
Mohd Nazri Zainudin, Permata Software dotcom (July 2004)

I am indeed very appreciative for your dedicated personal assistance, by which without, would certainly paralyzed information on our website.

I thank you in depth for the great help rendered, especially your patience in resolving the various problems many of which are unrelated to your scope of the job.

KK Wong, Ace-Accord Associates (June 2004)
I am very impressed with your EXCELLENT customer service! You make our day! Please keep up the good work of Extraordinary Customer Service! Thank You very much! We will definitely stick with your organisation and refer clients to you whenever there is such requirement!
Dr Daniel Choo, Ephod Consulting Associates Pte Ltd (Apr 2004)
...I must admit I am amazed by your company's response time and the way they handle problems, it's truly commemorable experience doing business with your hosting company....
Eric Coleman, dailyfreegames.com (Jan 2004)


... As you would have known by now, I've decided to use Exxelent as my preferred hosting company. Thanks for the prompt help and customer service rendered. Hope that I'll continue to receive that level of service …
Unnamed client from a local religious group

Thanks for the excellent and speedy service. I am glad we signed up with you.
David Cheong, Punggol Angsana RC

Thank you for your excellence service. Keep it up!
Dave Lau, Roof Real Estate Group
…You guys have been super so far. Keep up the good work!…
Mr K C Cheah, i-Realty Network Pte Ltd

…I am satisfied with the help I've got from Pang Seng & Kok Lin Chong for their technical expertise....I'd also like to thank Jane for offering clear advice while I was still considering the package.
Ms Clare-Anne Tan, clara-anne.com

…Yes I would definitely come back to you if I need more hosting service. Although I did my own web design, I have very little knowledge on the subject. Your guys' willingness to help, got me this far - I am able to update my website all on my own now. So far we have not experienced any down-time and we have no problems getting into your server. Thank you.

Mr Ho San Cheow, The IT Mart
Hi Corne,

Thank you very much.
You had been fantastic in your service!

Lee Han Pin, Shanlee Design Pte Ltd (November, 2010)

Dear Chai,

I am impressed with your brief explanation and tips.

Thanks for the greatest service

Sankar of Kiko Tech, varnamela.com (September, 2010)

Hi Cornelius,

IT things do behave strangely. But I must say you are very patient with me, a not very IT savvy person. Thanks a zillion. Keep up your good work!

Josephine, Asia Leap Pte Ltd (September, 2010)

I would like to compliment Cornelius for providing us exceptional service. We have experienced many at times issues with email blasting of which we have tried our best to adhere to your guidelines. Apparently, we succumb to failures every time we tried.

Nonetheless, Cornelius has been very patience and polite to advise us again as well as guiding our developer for the matter. I truly find that Cornelius has been providing us the best service that we ever could receive.

Kudos to Cornelius!

Lenny Mazlan, Astreem Corporation Pte Ltd (July, 2010)

Hi All at Exxelnet

Looking forward to more years of good services from you guys.

Thanks a million for the Great Experience being just with you all these years.

Ho San Cheow, The IT Mart, itmartonline.com (December, 2009)

Dear Jowen

Thank you so much. Your professionalism will ensure more business from us....

SB Ang, Asby Singapore Pte Ltd (October, 2009)

Hi Cornelius,
Thanks for your prompt reply. We are really impressed of your patience and professional explanations in helping us to solve our email problems.

Keep up the good job !
Jasline Chan, Trillion Training (S) Pte Ltd (July 2009)

Dear Jowen,
The service and attention that you rendered is beyond my expectation and I wish to encourage you to keep up the spirit of good service always...

Roza, Felz Technology Pte Ltd. (July 2009)

I've spoken with several people at Exxelnet and I have been impressed with the prompt response time.

Thank you.

Leisha, baize.com.sg (November 2008)

Hi Mr Yao Hua:

THANK YOU for your cordial tele-conv and kind assistances rendered to me this morning as in respect of my below appended message+request

The technical problem is resolved by you in timely manner

Have A Nice Day

Raymond Lin (August 2008)

Thank you for all your services!

Your works are excellent, though there's some misunderstanding/arguement during the website development process...

Mike Wong, Fidelity Radcore Heat Exchangers (M) Sdn Bhd (May 2008)

It is a pleasure to work with your team.
Teck Hoe Ang, Kelly Services (September 2007)

Hi Fenghui,
Thank you for your diligence on my behalf, It's been a pleasanter day because of your advice.

James Wong, Second Image Printing (September 2007)
I thank you for your kind assistance and support. You have been a gem to work with and your invaluable input is much appreciated.
Didacus, ISS-CDCS Catering Pte Ltd (September 2007)
Wow u r really efficient! Great Job, i have to wait to show to my boss and see what she says.
James, Select (August 2007)
Thank you so much for your kind and patient service! I really am grateful for all the help that you have given me during the contract period.

Your service has been excellent throughout the years....

Sheeba P Das, HELP Family Service Centre (July 2007)
Many thanks for the help i received from Ms Lovelynne.

I was struggling to configure my MS Outlook after i suffered a HD failure. It was about 8pm, Friday night. I did not expect anyone to be there at your office. But i called anyway. Fortunately for me, Ms Lovelynne was there. She was very helpful. She talked me through the configuration requirements. I faced some unexpected problems pertaining to conflict between Outlook and Norton Internet Security. She asked for the error code and checked the MS support site for information.

She is certainly an asset to your organization.

Ashoka Rajalingam, Ashok Consulting (June 2007)
Excellent service. Keep it up!
HKTan, Holy Engineering Pte Ltd (April 2007)
Hi Lovelynne...u r indeed very lovely...all of u at exxelnet have always been my trusted supplier...once again thank you very very much.
Jackie, Seal Sports (March 2007)

Thanks so much for your efficient and persevering efforts to remedy the frustrating problem I was facing with my e-mail. I really appreciate the assistance & explanation regarding the matter. Keep up the great work! Happy New Year!
Lyn John Pereira , Beyond Social Services (January 2007)

Your service has been excellent!
Kok Ying (April 2006)

Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping me out. Everything is fine. The email also works. Thanks a million. You are the best!
Terrance Ang, Terrance Ang Printing Services (February 2006)
I would like to thank your company and the excellent support for the past 2 years.
Patsy Ng, Fung Fei Cheung Chinese Opera (Jan 2006)
Thank you for your kind assistance and prompt action. I am sure I will recommend your services to my business partner if they require.
Johnnie Chin, Hydro Master Sdn Bhd (Nov 2005)

Really appreciate your speedy services. I know I can rely on u guys. Happy Hari Raya!!
Jackie Ng, Seal Sorts (S) Pte Ltd (Nov 2005)

Thank you very much for helping us. Exxelnet have been a great help to us running our business.
Dale Robinson, Crane Safe Private Ltd (August 2005)

Thank you again for your support. You guys are simply remarkable! Kudos to your team.
Alan D'nacio, Michelangelo's Restaurant (July 2005)

...That is what I call excellent service and quick response. Thank you for your help and your explanation regarding the virus. I really appreciate your help. Thank your very much.
Ralf Spika, Corduroy & Finch Pte Ltd (July 2005)

... many thanks for your help as I am very bad at anything too technical ... thanks for your great support, effectiveness and for explaining so well what is going wrong.
Stephan Gervois, Premiere Global Services - Xpedite (July 2005)

Thanks for your prompt help as always.
Dr Chow U-Jin, Health Aesthetics Co. Ltd (June 2005)

Just dropping a note to thank you for your great efficiency and help in trouble shooting. Really appreciate it very much.
Chai C F, NewtonApple Learning Hub (April 2005)

As always, Exxelnet has never stopped at providing quality customer and technical support service and it has outdone itself again this time.
William Tay, Softwaremaker.net (April 2005)

Thanks once again for your always prompt response! :)
Soh Yun-Huei, Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (Jan 2005)

We went through all the quotations, and some presentations from Web Hosting companies, and have decided to take on Exxelnet's offer for our 1.5GB requirements. Our decision was based on the merits of Service, Value, Security, and Stability.
Kenneth J.Poh, Apostrophe Films (Nov 2004)
Thanks for the good service especially the promptness and persistency by your support team in assisting me to transfer the domain name from (company name withheld) to your web hosting facilities.
KP Tan, Bedok Youth United FC (July 2004)
Thank you so much for your prompt response again & again...you never fail to amaze me with your superb service.
Bernard Teo, InfoMode Technologies International (May 2004)
Thanks for your support. Your support is very good, that's the reason why I have hosted 4 websites with Exxelnet. Once again Thanks.
Charles Bharath (May 2004)
Thank you for your swift response. I know we can always count on your reliable service.
Dr Chow U-Jin, Health Aesthetics Co.Ltd (Feb 2004)
...Thank you for your excellent customer service. You have been a great help...
Philip Tan, Chartered Holdings Pte Ltd (Feb 2004)
Thank you so much for your really, really prompt & pro-active service as well as going out of your way to help a first-time customer like me.

Your attitude is truly commendable ! Rest assured that I will not hesitate to recommend your web hosting service to those who need them.

Bernard Teo, InfoMode Technologies International

Thanks for your support and I must say I have never come across any service provider who support prompt service to customer in Singapore. Keep it up and I will definitely recommend any one who would like to host to your company.
Myat, Myanmar Book Centre

Thank you for your prompt action. I was very impressed by the speedy service indeed!
Lyn Lee, homesweethome.per.sg
…yes, we will come back again for hosting service… reasonable price with quality solutions…
Mr Danny Koh, H & T Business Solutions Pte Ltd
First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your crew for helping me out to set up my website with all the support tools like hosting controller and Mail configuration and admin.

It was all done up over the weekend and the site is running well just in time for a client/class that I am doing a demo for this evening. All this happened in just 3 days and I must say your company DOES provide great service, even right down to providing me with the correct database path for my web applications to work in. Thanks, Kok Lin.

And thanks to all of you for helping me rush and set up my web, FTP and mail servers even in the midst of your busy work schedule.

William Tay, softwaremaker.net

Thank you for your kind and prompt attention. I am very glad that I'm hosting with Exxelnet because the service rendered so far is excellent. Keep up the good work.
Mr Ben Ng, soccertriumph.com

…We will certainly be back! Very helpful all round, keep it up.
Mr Bernard Ong, CCM Networks Pte Ltd

Your prompt customer service support is truly comforting and impresses me a lot. I would indeed, recommend your hosting service to anyone who might be looking for one.
Leonard Tan, Ardour Creations

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